Introducing New Brand & Evolved Vision

Introducing our New Brand & Evolved Vision

We’re changing...

Dear valued customers, friends and business partners of Kidchen Club’s first store in Tianmu
We have some good, exciting changes around here that we want to share with you firsthand! From October 1st, 2019 onwards, Kidchen Club’s first store located in Tianmu will become GUUDNEST’. 

Kidchen Club’s learningful play, culinary-led program for toddlers and young children, which my team at Tianmu store and I proudly created and own exclusively, will remain in our business portfolio. It has been quite a learning and life fulfilling journey working on my brainchild project which started off in my kitchen at home 7 years ago. Looking back, I’m humbled to see how far this project has come, being so well received by parents, both locally and internationally, as well as inspiring many other businesses.

Time for us to evolve – kids are growing, the world is changing and we are thriving...
Fast forward to 2019... our kids are growing so quickly, along with own experiences, passion and vision for the business. I truly believe, from daily observation and feedback over the years, that there is always something new to help us all learn, grow and be inspired. It is not an exclusive privilege for kids in our program. ‘Learning’ is just an integral part of our everyday lives! Over the years, people would ask me this question over and over: 

‘How can we extend our program and services for all stakeholders in a child’s life, so that everyone can learn, grow and thrive in the 21st century, an era so disrupted by digital technology?

I have constantly looked for answers, but never actually took the step beyond. NOW is the perfect time for us to evolve together and get our kids future ready- prepared for success in any type of disruptive environments (living, learning, working, etc…)

Name change to fit a better and bigger vision and mission...
Our promising new name, ‘GUUDNEST’ allows us to move forward with our evolving vision and mission.

GUUDNEST derives from ‘goodness’ and ‘nest’. While searching deeply into our company's heart and soul, these 2 words stood out and inspired us to complete our big rebranding puzzle:

  • ‘Guud’ is a slang word for ‘Good’.  We also gave our own interpretation of the double 'u', where the first 'u' symbolizes you, while the second 'u' refers to unlimited potential. We truly believe humans have the capability to generate amazing goodness in everything they do!
  • 'Nest' is the special place that nurtures and enriches all this goodness!
  • Together, they form our GUUDNEST
  • We also welcome ‘Guudy Owl’, our special in-house host, who will give a warm greeting to all 'owl' friends! The choice of mascot was a relatively easy one for us, as most people today see owls as perfect symbols of education and wisdom!

Time to ‘Grow your Wisdom’ and ‘Share your Goodness’

We believe U all have Unlimited Potential to grow your wisdom no matter your age.
At owl ("our") nest, we provide a fun, learningful and nurturing environment,
so everyone can get ready to explore new heights!

Join 'owl' journey to bring more goodness (and goodies) to the world!
We believe in the power of learning through food, cooking and all the good things surrounding us. We believe in the collective potential from learning, growing and sharing goodness!  Most important of all- we believe that when good people come together, they spread more goodness, enrich each other’s lives and make a difference to the world!

GUUDNEST Guarantee
GUUDNEST promises to offer fun, learningful and nurturing space, programs and services, to live up to our aspiration of creating goodness everywhere:

  • We aspire to grow our wisdom and goodness quality.
  • We aspire to provide knowledge and a good learning environment.
  • We aspire to share good food and things that bring good health and happiness.
  • We aspire to create good moments in life, to be appreciated, no matter how big or small.

Welcome to our GUUDNEST!
My team and I are here to answer any questions about GUUDNEST, so that the transition is as smooth as possible. This rebranding and name change will not affect our service commitments to our customers and existing memerships. Your membership and benefits remain the same! 

We thank you for your continued support and patronage and welcome you to our ‘owl’ new “nest”. We’d love you to join ‘owl’ journey and be part of our GUUDNEST community to grow wisdom and share goodness.

If you have any enquiries feel free to get in touch with us.

Tweet(Sweet) Wishes,

Warm regards,

Karin Srismith
Founder / Chief Edutainment Officer, GUUDNEST

Creator / Owner, Kidchen Club’s Learningful Play, Culinary-led Curriculum For Children

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